Maillots menstruels flux légers à moyens FLOWHER


Constantly attacked by sea salt, chlorine oxidation and the heat of the sun, swimwear sags, fades and gradually loses its luster. Here, we give you 7 tips to take care of period-friendly bikini.

Wash your period-friendly bikini in cold water
To ensure the survival of your period-friendly bikini, it is necessary, even vital, to wash it after each use. We boycott machine washing, which stretches the elastic fibers of the lycra. The right thing to do? Wash by hand, in cold water, without using fabric softener.

Dry your period-friendly bikini in the shade
Just like any washing machine, the dryer damages the period-friendly bikini, for the reason that the (strong) heat attacks the elasticity of its fabric. Therefore, reduce (too) long exposure to the sun, especially if the period-friendly bikini is wet, and let it drain, flat, in the shade, away from the ambient heat.

Buy two period-friendly bikinis
As a general rule, materials such as lycra, nylon or elastane need 24 hours to return to their original shape. It is therefore preferable to have at least two period-friendly bikinis to wear alternately.

Avoid sunscreen on your period-friendly bikini
Another danger is that sunscreens and protective oils, which have powerful filters, can stain or even discolor the textile fibers of the period-friendly bikini. Even if our period-friendly bikinis are made with a Sunscreen resistant fabric you should avoid it on your swimsuit.
The trick: protect yourself 30 minutes before putting on your swimsuit, the time it takes for the cream to completely penetrate the skin. 

Protect your period-friendly bikini from chafing
The edges of the pool, the sand, the deckchairs... so many rough surfaces which, by dint of friction, create pilling on the fabric of swimsuits. So take precautions before sitting and/or lying down and, as a preventive measure, draw your beach towel. 

Don't ball up your swimsuit
After taking off your period-friendly bikini, it seems more practical to roll it up in a ball in a towel, or worse, in a plastic bag. But this is the best way to deform it since prolonged humidity deteriorates the quality of the fabric.It is therefore wise to wait for it to dry in the shade, until you are really on your way home.