FLOWHER period-proof swimsuits


Women have always had trouble swimming during their periods and the arrival of summer only makes it more relevant. Luckily, FLOWHER is creating swimsuits that enable women to freely enjoy the beach and the pool without any worry. FLOWHER founders had the idea of launching the period-proof swimwear brand based on the popularity of period-friendly underwear and the fact that they could not find what they liked, in terms of styles, anywhere.

FLOWHER brought its own fashionable twist to what already was offered in the period-proof swimwear industry, shattering the idea that all period swimsuits have to be black and classical. “We created our collection providing women more comfort, confidence, security, while relying on an edgy style to be worn all year long.” - Nora & Zaynab, co-founders.

“We noticed that a lot of women forbid themselves from going to the beach during that time of the month, others even refuse to go swimming while on vacation during their period.”

Each design of FLOWHER’s collections have a very discreet gusset, with a waterproof core that can retain the menstrual flows, prevent blood stains and nothing visually differentiate them from classical swimsuits.

FLOWHER’s period-proof bikinis are recommended for light to medium flows or at the beginning/end of the woman’s cycle. On heavier flow days, wearing our bikinis in addition to a non-harmful internal menstruation protection, is highly advised. As visually, nothing distinguishes FLOWHER’s bikinis from non-menstrual ones, you can wear your bikinis even when you are off your menstruation period.