FLOWHER period-proof bottom


Summer after summer, history repeats itself: we all want to find the perfect swimsuit and feel like a goddess wearing it. Browsing the latest fashion trends can be a bit overwhelming, but above all you should always keep in mind what you need and like. In other words, whether you're curvy or skinny, tall or short, it's always possible to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type and taste. Remember that no matter the piece you’ll wear, YOU have to feel good in it. No one should dictate to anyone what to wear or how to do so. 

If you're slim with a discreet chest and a wider waist, you could accentuate your silhouette. To flatter your bust, we recommend choosing a timeless triangle bikini top. For the bottom, you could choose a low waist panties or a tanga version that highlights your natural curves

The A-shaped morphology relies on a body that is structured in the shape of a triangle: narrow shoulders, wide hips and pronounced waist. To balance the shapes, you could draw attention to your upper body with a bikini. We would recommend choosing a model with an asymmetrical neckline on the top to emphasize your bust.

If you’re more on the curvy side, your chest could be sublimated and perfectly cared for with a beautiful V-neck bikini top. The one-piece swimsuit is perfect to ensure comfort and support while highlighting curves. You could also opt for a low-cut top and a more covering bottom, such as a draped bikini bottom.